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Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, getting published, PP Wong
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
BW Issue 13
The NEW BW Insider Series! 

We interview literary agents, publishers, editors and booksellers to help YOU in your journey as a Banana Writer

THE BW INSIDER: The Literary Agent 


THE BW INSIDER is a series of interviews with important people working in publishing.


"Write stories from the heart. Don’t fear your own culture or language. We all learnt to read Latin American writing with no footnotes. Sometimes the sense of the book, the beauty of language is all you need as a reader. Don’t sanitise your work."


In PART 1 of our series, we meet Jayapriya Vasudevan - a literary agent with over 20 years of experience. 

The Editor of our partner website The Anthill shares his top 20 books on China and also the books he’s not so keen on.


Check out his amazing guide and get READING NOW!

“Why don’t they get married?”

“They’re not allowed.”

What do you mean?”

“My Papa’s already married. He has a wife”

“Ayo! Your Papa”…’

“Yes, that’s right, but I’ve never met her. I don’t know where she lives. Please don’t tell anybody.”


Discover writing by a talented Mauritian author who is spending his twilight years pusuing his passion for words. 

"I listened to accounts of people being thrown in ditches, being kicked in the face and spat at. One British Chinese doctor told me that he was beaten up almost every single week at secondary school...They were isolated, singled out as different, ignored, treated as second class and told to GO BACK HOME."


Our Editor-in-Chief brings light on a topic she is passionate about.


"Little crowds of hugging couples, twirling in each other’s arms, clobbering people, like bad Hollywood. I just couldn’t imagine us that way. Other couples yes. Us, no."



Read about a couple’s unraveling relationship in this short story by a new Asian American writer




When we received a short story about Bananas, we couldn’t resist!


At BW we love unpeeling new writers who step out of their comfort zone.


Read a story by an Indian writer from Chennai. 

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