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BW Issue 09
Escaping The Snare
BW Interview: Ben Chu

“Dog butchering. It's not an easy topic. I know some Koreans might criticize me for revealing what some see as an ugly aspect of our culture. However, I want you to know that I didn’t write this story to expose something or to make a statement. I just wanted to twist a tragic ending and reverse it.”


 A Korean author talks about balancing motherhood with her dreams and how she created a beautiful story out of a controversial topic.

"There was so much fear-mongering, so much titillating foolishness, so much cynical and lazy stereotyping. It irked me and no one seemed to be putting the record straight, so I decided that I should do it.”


The Economics Editor of The Independent (UK) gives a candid interview about myths surrounding China and what it takes to become a successful journalist.

Set in the midst of The Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, Waiting is a short story on life, death, first dates and planes.


Read the brilliant, sensitively written story by a new, talented writer based in New York.


“There aren’t too many people who would wait to pay their bill in a restaurant in the middle of an earthquake. Mr. Murakami was one of those kinds of people.”

BW Interview: Ilymark
The Anglo Chinese

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BW are delighted to introduce you to our new Music Editor Loong.


A popular musician himself, Loong will be sourcing and interviewing talented Asian singer-songwriters from all over the world. In his first interview, Loong meets the Filipino musician Ilymark – a hardcore rocker with a heart for the lost.

A humorous Chinese writer shares about what it means to be a BBC, ABC and CBC, why many British Chinese people speak Cantonese and why racists should:



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