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BW Issue 08
A Good Citizen
Featured Writer: Kyung-Sook Shin


A Sri Lankan writer shares with us an exciting story about guns, catapults and a shanty town bird watcher

Kyung-Sook Shin is the author of the million copy bestseller Please Look After Mom. She was the first woman to be awarded The Man Asian literary prize.


In her interview with BW the deep thinker talks about her mother, gender imbalances and the challenges she faced in her 20 year writing career.

Why should we pick up our pens and write? Why should we care?


“Writers, this is your wake-up call: unless we make people aware we are more than stereotype, that is all they will see.”


A Dutch Indonesian-Chinese writer talks about the important role of East Asian writers in western society.

Funny, Ignorant or Racist?
The Banana Writers Meet The Ants

When someone is told that their joke is racist do they:

(a) Say you are being sensitive.

(b) Accuse you of having a crappy sense of humor

(c) Ignore you and carry on.

(d) Apologize and refrain from repeating the joke


Read our editor’s insights on HuffPost about when racist jokes go too far.

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BW is very excited to partner with writer’s colony The Anthill.


Just like us, they are passionate about encouraging new, talented writers. Their work covers narrative sketches, short fiction and other vignettes on China. We look forward to sharing our articles with The Anthill and vice versa.


Read a touching story about losing a loved one The Cornfield and The Graveyard.

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