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BW Issue 10
The Drive
BW Interview: Ma Jian
Meeting My Mother

Good writing is always from the heart. 


When the BW team read this beautiful story there were smiles and tears. This is a moving story for anyone who has been in love or anyone who has lost their love. 

“Writers must write what they feel compelled to, with no thought of the consequences. If they fear what a censor might say about their book, they’d be better off not writing it, because fear is the greatest enemy of creativity.”


The amazing author Ma Jian shares with BW about the important role writers have in our broken society and why we have to be brave when facing oppression.

An Australian writer talks about being adopted and the emotions she felt upon meeting her birth mother for the first time.


BW salutes her bravery in writing about her experiences to encourage other adopted men and women.

BW Interview: Jean Kwok
Mirror & Other Poems

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“If you’re deciding between becoming a writer or working in the circus, definitely go for the circus.”



The kind hearted, humorous New York Times bestselling author of Girl in Translation chats to BW about her writing career, how she “failed” as a stereotypical Chinese daughter and her time as a professional ballroom dancer.


You walked into display of jigsaw

puzzles, and then there was one

the unfinished. You put your heart in

it. What if it doesn't fit the picture

you've been hoping for?



A new Malaysian poet shares her shattered heart through her words.

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