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BW Issue 03
Featured Writer: Shuchi Singh Kalra
The Photo

Suet Tan was born in London and has been based in Singapore for twenty one years.


Through her poems, the popular playwright shows the colourful and challenging experiences of living in two countries.

Shuchi Singh Kalra is the owner of Pixie Dust Writing Studio and the hugely popular Indian Freelance Writers Blog.


Read her excellent advice about how to be a successful freelance writer and the art of marketing your work.

 The Filipino Marine
Mama's Boy

Glen Yumang Manese is a Filipino writer who is an ex US Marine. Behind the facade of a tough guy is someone who sees the world in a deep and intricate way.


Read his touching poem Sister and learn about the man behind the words.


I kicked three flowerpots down and locked myself in the bedroom...


Read the funny story about a woman dealing with a husband that has an inclination towards pink, rubber gloves.

Every step is a little closer to you.

Yet also a step away from you.

How is it possible to feel that way?


A Chinese writer living in Oslo shares her heart through a poem about love.

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