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Asian writers, getting published, PP Wong
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
BW Issue 15



“I have a passion to share my culture with others. I remember students from the California Culinary Academy, after a one week seminar with me on Chinese cooking came away with a positive impression of a great cuisine which they previously thought as cheap grub.”


Ken Hom OBE is arguably the most famous Asian chef in the world. He is author to more than 20 award-winning cook books which have sold millions of copies all over the world. In a droolsome interview with BW we discover a man who is passionate about helping others and being a positive influence in the culinary world.


We interview successful people in the publishing industry to help YOU in your journey as a Banana Writer

THE BW INSIDER: The Literary Agent


"Whenever I take on a client, it’s 50% about what they produce, and 50% on who they are.  An individual’s personality can have a huge impact on their success, and it’s part of the package.   You must have personal drive and vision, and make the most of whatever you have."


In PART 4 of our BW INSIDER series, we meet Mildred Yuan a fantastic literary agent with world renown literary agency United Agents. Yuan shares some amazing tips for new writers seeking an agent.


THE BW INSIDER: The Commissioning Editor


“I think the publishing industry is most definitely cautious when it comes to publishing ethnic minorities. It seems to be the case that if a publisher has one Chinese author, or one Nigerian author, then they don’t need anymore.”


In PART 3 of our BW INSIDER series, we meet Lauren Parsons – the commissioning editor for Legend Press (part of Legend Times Group). Parsons has a diverse list of successful fiction and non-fiction books. In her interview, she talks about the lack of diversity in literature and what editors are really looking for.






"I have been called out for being a fat Chinese person by relatives (even when they claim they don't mean harm.  You have to love Asian bluntness). I had the worst kind of ignorance thrown at me during my school years – assumed to be a clever geek who allowed people to copy my homework, steal my stationery, be asked how to say something  in Cantonese or Mandarin when I barely knew the languages well enough."


A British Malaysian writer shares about how she found confidence in the most unlikely place.

Thoughts from a Banana Writer: Skin Deep

Thoughts from a Banana Writer: How a banana boy detective showed me the amazing truth     about aliens 

“I don't remember enjoying Asian books as a child. The small selection of Asian stories that I encountered were mostly either: based on folk tales, simple and earnest in promoting traditional values; or classroom readers, often penned by expat teachers and copywriters; or token works of literature by local authors.”



An ex-FHM magazine journalist shares about his journey to becoming a popular children’s book author and publisher.

BW Poetry: 麻木


“Hands up if you are not disabled and have used a disabled restroom. I’m sure the vast majority of you are putting your hands up – at least in your mind. One year ago, I would have joined you in putting my hand up…However, a year ago something happened that destroyed my wrong, selfish thinking.”


A new writer gives fresh insights into having a life with a disabled mother.

Thoughts from a Banana Writer: Don't Ruin An Old Lady's Day

The Encourager
The Town Crier
The Cat Lover
The Tony Winner
The Deep Thinker
The Rulebreaker
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