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BW Issue 07
Riots in Little India 
Featured Writer: Gene Luen Yang
A Treasure Trove

Bluntly put, happy people don't riot.


On 8 December 2013 around 400 South Asian migrant workers battled police and set vehicles ablaze in Singapore's worst riot in decades.


A Singaporean writer gives his honest opinion about the exploitation of migrant workers and society's role in the matter.



Gene Luen Yang is the bestselling author of American Born Chinese - the first graphic novel to be a finalist for the National Book Award. He writes for the hugely popular Avatar series and is a champion for using graphic novels as educational tools in the classroom.


The monkey loving Gene shares his expertise and sense of fun in an interview with BW



She realised that he loved her more than he ever showed and perhaps he died a sad man. She remembered how she had hurt him with words and regaled in the joys of his crushed ego, partly because of her own unhappiness of a life with him. 


Read a beautiful story of love and loss by a talented Indian writer.


Download a FREE comic by AMAZING graphic novelist Peter Tran!!
Featured Writer: David Henry Hwang
The Imaginary Writer

To the western world, David Henry Hwang is a playwright, librettist and screenwriter. But to many Asian writers he is someone who speaks out bravely against prejudices to Asian artists.


The Tony award winning writer talks to BW about facing highs and lows, cultural misunderstandings and why "Yellow Face" in theatre is wrong.

We always do a Banana jig when our Banana Writers share their writing success with us !


After publishing her short story Mama's Boy on BW Melanie Lee has created a wonderful book Imaginary Friends. In this article, she speaks honestly about the journey to getting published.




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