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Asian writers, getting published, PP Wong
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
BW Issue 19



"The worst consequence of poverty is a poor child has a lack of confidence and I believe that problem can be solved by education. That is the significance of education for me. Education gives inspiration to survive and even to make progress.”


Andrea Hirata is the biggest selling Indonesian author of all time. His novel The Rainbow Troops sold over 4 million copies in Indonesia alone and was adapted into a movie that broke box office records. In an intimate interview with BW we discover a kind hearted, positive author with a heart for helping children reach their potential.

THE BW INSIDER: Dr Page Richards


“Good writers have the humility for the gift that it is to give birth to words that heal and return us to a joint silence, rather than an isolated one. Good writers, for all of us, trust in other good writers to help to teach us.”


In Part 6 of The BW INSIDER series, we share the wise words of Dr Page Richards – Director of the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (MFA) at the University of Hong Kong.  Discover what an MFA really consists of and the importance of working hard at improving your writing craft. 

We interview successful people in the publishing industry to help YOU in your journey as a Banana Writer

The Literary Agent

The Bookseller

The Editor

The Publicist






Delayed Exit.

Troubling loves.

Features placid.

Destination above.


Read some sensitive, thought provoking poems by a writer based in Singapore.

BW Poetry: The Reflection & Other Musings

“There will be nights when the lines on my palms will not reflect my true age of 24. Yes, there are happy moments, but as you know well, there are also those that are better left untouched. Because you see, I carry my pain in my hands so small that yours easily envelops them completely when you grasp them while we sleep.”


Read beautiful letter by a Malaysian writer to her lover. Fiction or truth? We let you decide.

Thoughts from a Banana Writer: Dear Lover


What are you doing here, Wei Wen?” she whispered to herself.

Her eyes swerved in Grandpa’s direction.

His eyes scarlet with rage, wrath overflowed his face. Something told her Wei Wen was going to be punished severely.


Read some sample chapters from a mysterious novel about chauvinism, death and conspiracy to murder.

 BW Novel: Favourite Child

BW Poetry: I Can Hear Her Whisper

Do women of today know the men of yesterday?

Fitzgerald was a lover

Hemingway was a fighter

And sweet, sweet Woolf was a visionary

Will she be impressed

Or we will she laugh at my impudence


A young writer ponders about the first whispers of love and heartbreak.



“When you write, you can’t please everyone. There will be people who will love your writing and others who will hate it. Sometimes, you have to be fearless in your writing. Don’t hold back! Stellar writing often comes from being raw and honest.”


Our Editor-in-Chief gives some helpful tips for new writers.

Thoughts from a Banana Writer: Getting Published : Five Tips

The Encourager
The Monkey Lover
The Gossip
The Tony Winner
The Deep Thinker
The Rulebreaker
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