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BW Issue 02
Featured Writer: Alvin Pang
The Letter

Millions of letters are posted every day - some are life changing. The Letter is a dark, love story about the power of a letter on a young couple's life.


If you have a short story that you would like to share, email it to:

Alvin Pang is an award winning poet, writer and editor.


In an exclusive interview with BW, he shares about his inspiring journey as a writer and how he overcame challenges to become a successful poet.

Getting a Literary Agent
Making Music With Masaai

You've pulled all your hair out and ground your teeth down to stubs. Your novel is finally complete!


Now what?


BW has created our very own guide to winning a literary agent.

"In the heart of Kenya resides the warrior tribe of the Masaai. I set out to teach them singing but ended up being taught about the music of life."


Read the amazing story about how the Masaai changed a teacher's life forever.

Check out our new poetry section for both new and established writers to share their work with the rest of the world.


Send us your poems!

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