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Asian writers, getting published, PP Wong
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
BW Issue 12
Kashmir: Paradise in Turmoil
BW Interview: Yiyun Li

“People need to hear the sufferings of the people of Kashmir and let them decide what they want…Even as I write, some poor soul may lose his life because he didn’t give way on the highway to an army official.”


A Kashmiri writer based in Malaysian channels his deepest anguish into his words. 

Yiyun Li interview, Guardian First Book Award, PP Wong

“There are many mysteries within human nature that baffle me. For instance, we seek comfort in strangers more than people close to us sometimes. Or, sometimes we are attracted to people who lie to us, not because we don’t know they are lying, but their lying seems to help us in our own lying.”


Get into the brilliant mind of Yiyun Li - an ex-scientist turned award-winning author.

There are no

lights – only pale

reflections that

point inwards.


A subtle twist of

fingers and images

accumulate like

merit in my mind.


This black box –

second skin, third

eye, fourth wall –

is a kind of loss.


Read some brilliant poems by a Singaporean writer!

Ethnic Minorities & Underdogs Must
Not Give Up!
Love Poems

"Weaving dreams, we walk hand-in-hand,

Promising us a destiny that no one knows,

Caressing our present that only we know."



We love seeing our Banana Writers develop and try different mediums of writing. Read some sweet, romantic, poems by the author of The Girl in Blue.




“I implore you to not allow the setbacks end your writing career. Your novel could be the one that opens the door for young authors after you. It could be THE book or one of the books that helps overturn the small mindedness of many risk-adverse editors.”


Our Top Banana shares her heart and experiences to encourage ethnic minority writers not to give up.

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