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Love Poems 

Smitha Abraham      

A Beautiful Evening


As I sit here with you gazing at those distant horizons,

I can see the twilight curling around us like a million leaves.

Once again we have stepped into the portals of our lost past,

Of those halcyon days when you and me used to sit together...

and weave beautiful dreams of our unknown future.



Ah! Now I can see that fleeting twilight dancing and casting shadows…

On the sand, on the waves, here, there and everywhere.

Who are we? Only a mirage in the dune of history…

Yes, now we can see our youth out there somewhere

Beyond one’s reach, hidden and lost to us now and forever.



Yes, once I was like that young boy casting the fish net in glee.

And so were you – just carefree and as free as a bird in the sky…

Our best days of life have wafted into a timeless mist

And we have grown old together, with each evening…

I wish this beautiful evening would stay with us for eternity!





Walking Hand-in-Hand


Weaving dreams, we walk hand-in-hand,

Promising us a destiny that no one knows,

Caressing our present that only we know,

Dreaming of a future whose stories lie untold,

Urging for a time when we will be one,

Singing lullabies in the dark, dark night,

Dancing in a wild, wild place,

Kissing in a mad, mad frenzy,

Hugging in a warm, warm flurry,

Wishing time would stand still,

While we remain cheery and merry!


(c)Smitha Abraham




Smitha Abraham      


I love traveling in my flights of imagination and use these flights to craft short stories and poetry. I am a budding writer from India.


My passions are reading, creative writing, listening to music, learning new languages, meeting new people, getting acquainted with different cultures and traveling.


Although these days I do not get much time to pursue all my passions as I have a five-month-old baby, I try to devote some time to some of my passions. Authors like Isabel Allende, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Carlos Ruiz Zafón, genres like magic realism, historical romance, and writing styles that are imaginative and flow effortlessly fascinate me. I love to unwind with a book curled up on a sofa or by gazing at the stars by the sea shore. I am a nature lover and spending time admiring the sunset and sunrise is relaxing for me. 

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