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Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, getting published, PP Wong
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
Asian writers, PP Wong, get published
BW Issue 16



"Change is always slow, but it starts with conversation, and I’m so glad these conversations are happening. More writers are out there telling their stories and wrestling with the idea of being different in some way, and I hope that trend continues." 


Celeste Ng's novel Everything I Never Told You was selected by Amazon Editors as the #1 Book of the Year. In her contemplative interview with BW Ng talks about the trials she faces as an author and the importance of diversity in literature. 


We interview successful people in the publishing industry to help YOU in your journey as a Banana Writer

THE BW INSIDER: The Publicist


"To me the most marketable authors are the ones who are willing to contribute their time and energy toward promoting their book. That means doing everything from at times answering the most rudimentary interview questions for a small fan blog to getting in front of a TV camera beaming you out to millions of viewers.  There should be few things you are not willing to do, at least for the first book!"


In PART 5 of our BW INSIDER series, we meet Glory Plata, a forward-thinking and innovative publicist at Penguin Random House. She talks about why she became a publicist and shares about the immense amount of work that goes into helping an author become a bestseller.


“Who would’ve guessed that despite all the degrees and designations that she had been so dedicated towards, it was her natural smile that she had never earned her happiness.”


Read a beautiful story by a Canadian writer about a woman contemplating the meaning of lasting love.





BW Short Story: The Cycle of Faith



“…He found himself sharing the tragic plight of many Eastern European economic migrants. Like a character stuck in a foreign film with no subtitles, it was nearly impossible for him to negotiate for a better life.”


A Singaporean writer shares some moving observations of homeless people in the UK.

Thoughts from a Banana Writer: Time and Chance


Meanwhile, she produced babies-licit and illicit


Can silence and happiness ever go together? Read some beautiful poems by an Indian writer.

BW Poetry: Silence and Happiness

When I shouldn’t

Why do you indirectly cloud my reasoning?


Read a heartfelt poem by a young poet from Brunei


 BW Poetry: My Own Reality Sign

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