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My Own Reality Sign

By: Valeen Kan

I don’t know my feelings anymore

I feel insanity enveloping me

Not allowing a small opening

For me to taste happiness


Struggling to stay loyal

Yet why do I long for you more & more

When I shouldn’t

Why do you indirectly cloud my reasoning?


I see your face

I see his face

Why do you appear on my mind?

He should appear, not you


Doesn’t make sense why

My mind can be this messy

Only one reason remains

You must be my own reality sign 

I'm a girl raised in Brunei. A final year student majoring in Professional Communication & Media Studies at Universiti Brunei Darussalam. I was first introduced to the world of poetry by my previous English teacher, Miss Irene Chong back when I was in Form 1.


Wrote my first poem called "My Family of Nature", a pretty simple poem, straightforward and I'm still proud of it as it is my first step in venturing into the poetry world. I wish I can rhyme like other poets but hopefully I can in time. When it comes to writing poems, I prefer to just write and let my heart out instead of making my poems full of metaphors. I have a blog ( where I post poems & some random things I write from a writing prompt app. I've been working on some articles in hopes to inspire people but it's still not finished as I'm busy with assignments.

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