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Every step is a little closer to you.

Yet also a step away from you.

How is it possible to feel that way?


Separated by oceans and continents,

My heart runs to you every night and every day.

I close my eyes and I can remember you smile.

I hold on a figment of my imagination to get close to you.

Yet an imaginative soul like smoke - disappears.

So once again I open my eyes, I see you not there.

I wake with the words on the tip of my tongue – I miss you.


How madness drives me to a lonesome place.

Drifting from yesterday, to today, to tomorrow,

Those words hang within me, never letting go.

Roaming the city is a scent left behind from you.

Every corner, every turn, is a shadow figure of you.

Curling along the walls you touch,

I found you – only to find myself dreaming of you.


Can love be as such?
Despite all the wisdom I have learnt from my painful past?

Despite the affections I have fought to conceal?

I no longer know what is real.

I only know my feelings are true - my only navigators into the abyss.


No cliques spoken.

Not even the three words.

Would it be a mood for love -

A chance for our love to blossom?

Or would it be in mood for love -

Like the couple in the film?


Distance between you and I are defined by kilometres.

The time between you and I are defined by the constellations.

But the gravity between us remains undefined.


-The End-








Ka Man Mak is a British born Hong Kong Chinese, born and bred in Bristol, and is now residing in Oslo with her daughter.


One of her favourite quotes is, ‘To want to understand is an attempt to recapture something we have lost.’- Peter Høeg. She believes writing does just that. To write is a way of understanding our own emotions and the world around us.


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