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Become a Banana Writer__

We want you to 'Go Bananas'


Use your individuality to produce writing that will resonate into the hearts and minds of readers. We want your writing to be fresh, exciting, thoughtful and valuable.


What type of writers are we looking for?


Banana Writers is a platform for new East Asian / South East Asian (EA / SEA) writers to share their work. This includes people who are Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Malaysian, Thai and anyone with a background from an EA / SEA background. It does not matter to us whether you were born in Asia or the West or have never published anything before. What matters to us is entertaining writing that comes from the heart.


If you are not from an EA / SEA background and are interested in contributing, we are happy to review your work as long as it is relevant to EAs / SEAs.


Becoming a Banana Writer


We are passionate about supporting EA / SEA writers from all mediums. We publish articles, short stories, novels, poems, songs, interviews, scripts and book reviews. We know how nerve-wrecking it can be to 'Put yourself out there,' so everything we receive is carefully read and considered. We will contact you if we would like to publish your work on the website. We receive submissions from all over the world so thank you very much for your patience. We aim to reply to everyone within 4 weeks. Books and scripts should receive a reply within 8 weeks. Through our website you are given the chance to share your writing with the world.


Send your pieces to:


Apart from songs, scripts and full novels all work must be in a Word document. We only edit articles.



We like feature and news articles that entertain, challenge and bring fresh perspectives to the world. (Word Count 1,000-3,000 words)


Fiction & Poems

We want to be a unique platform that encourages and builds up the confidence of new EA / SEA writers. We accept short stories, poems and will provide links to free downloadable books, websites or sample chapters from new authors.


(Word Count for short stories or poems is under 7,500 words. If you would like us to feature a book that you have published, email us a downloadable copy of the book. If the book is appropriate, we will feature in on our website. Contact us for more details if you have only published your book in hard copy).



We also like to support EA / SEA singer-songwriters. If you have an original song or piece of music you would like to share, do send us an MP3 or a link to your YouTube video. If appropriate, we will feature it on the website. Since our focus is on good writing, we cannot publicise musicians that have not written their own material.


Featured Writer

If you are an experienced writer and would like to be featured on BW, send us an email stating your credentials and passions. Our interviews help to encourage many new writers and we would love for you to share your expertise.


As well as conducting our own interviews, we are also interested in interviews with published writers, singer-songwriters, stand-up comedians, scriptwriters and journalists. (Word Count 1,000-3,000 words)


Book Reviews

We are interested in fresh perspectives on an EA / SEA author or reviews of books by EAs / SEAs. Articles can be in the form of a book review or a general article on a specific author. (Word Count 1,000-3,000 words)



We like sharing scripts that will come alive in a film or on the stage. Please send us stories that will make the audience think. Word count isn't as important as page count. The scriptwriting adage of one page = one minute is still pretty true for playwriting. We do not want scripts that last longer than 90 mins.


Send your pieces to:





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