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Trilogy of Words

By:Prasad Bhagwant Kulkarni

Move On




Pack them bags,


Just pack them and leave,


To a distant land,


Among unknown faces,


Untraced roads and,


Unmapped contours,


Trace the lines of your freedom,


Leave behind the clutter,


Open the mind to beauty,


Stand in the middle of a road,


Stare at the pattern,


Turn it in kaleidoscope,


Read, dream,


But don’t think,


Soak in the anonymity,


Brush aside inhibitions,


Go for a stroll,




On the seashore,


Listen to the waves,


Distant chirping of birds,


Just be there,


As if you are alone in the world,


No friends,


No enemies,


Cut the ropes holding you back,


Lurch forward,


Dive into the waters,


It’s okay if you can’t swim,


Reach the bed of the sea,


Bury your past there,


When you surface back,


Make sure you have,


A clean slate.





At A Gun Point




At a gun point,


Hatred turns into fear,


A lie becomes a truth and,


Minute seems like a year


 # # #


At a gun point,


The house loses its master,


Heart skips the beats,


And the legs run faster


 # # #


At a gun point,


The tears run dry,


A frown turns straight,


With blink of an eye


 # # #


At a gun point,


Humanity ceases to exist,


The beholder becomes God,


With the object in his fist


 # # #


At a gun point,


The souls depart to hell,


The water runs out,


And dries down the well


 # # #





What Is Love?




Love is like a quill,


That writes the hymns,


A fictional fantasy pill,


That works on its own whims


* * *


Love is like that scar,


Doesn’t hurt but reminds,


Like that distant star,


So far but it still blinds


* * *


Love is like those chats,


Bringing smile on your face,


Cute yet like the brats,


Away but still in embrace


* * *


Love is like that blind spot,


At the corner of a road,


You feel like taking a shot,


Yet are afraid of red code BW




I come from a small town of India but education and jobs have given me the opportunity to visit and live in different cities of India. And that experience, along with reading books, has given me a different perspective of life.


Other than being a full time Financial Consultant, I also like to read (a lot), write (short stories and poems), sing, sketch and paint and indulge in some artistic pleasures like paper quilling and origami.


As a reader I don’t like to stick to a particular genre, as I think that restricts the knowledge and understanding of our surrounding. I like fiction as much as non-fiction, sci-fi as much as a crime thriller. I judge a book by its back cover. A small write up on the back cover is what attracts me to a book.

Writing poems has flown down to me from my father. He has written umpteen poems in different genres (sarcasm, religions, mother, current affairs, behavior of humans etc.) The first poem I wrote (in my mother tongue) was some 10 years ago, when I was a graduate. And till now I have written umpteen poems on various subjects but I am a little annoyed at myself for being a late bloomer.


I am currently in a process of writing a novel and I’m half-way through it. Once it gets published would love to hear from other Banana Writers :)


You can find my poems and short stories on my blog:

And you can find me on Twitter (@pbkulkarni) as well :)

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