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One Day / Black Lashes

By: Musarrat Binti Salam

One day


Heard about those miles

Bare feet on the endless road

They say I have to walk on

There was no other high way-

Sun's heat baked the ground,

Journeys like this shall pay,

Just waiting to be found-

One day.


Beloved,don't you worry-

This soul is not lost

Just stopping by over one of

This misfortune cracks

Of the traveler's track,

And wondering what would it be

Like to have you forever-

One day.


Rain sings to me in tune-

poetry,melody and love

Blends and becomes one.

Reunion of the unknown magic-

That only ignites with

Your tender touch.


Roses and winter frost-

Shall call upon thunder

To declare the end

of world's heart break-

One day.


Black Lashes


Many nights have passed

in deep slumber,

O’ how I missed my muse

that came alive in sheer darkness.

Wide eyes of hers-

Black lashes that

slowly unwrapped themselves

from one another

and became the flicker

of a distant fire in the woods.

Tonight, I am finally awake-

to witness how the

crescent moon waits silently

for her starry poetry

before the world spins again.

Truly, hours of darkness

made their home

on her soft skin.


O’ beloved,

the way you became the night

and how the dusk

embraced you

along the arches of your collarbones-

left this soul gasping.


My mind formed many more verses,

To sing to you-

For I have finally found you-

Midst the thousand lost stars.


I was born in Bangladesh but was raised in Singapore since three years old. Poetry found me from a very young age when I used to write letters and keep journals. During those days, I didn’t know the best way my soul knew how to express was actually through poetic means. Till five years ago, I found and took this art seriously which got me promoted to a preferred author on their humble platform. I grew everyday through my own words and read verses written by poets from around the world. It has become a very important part of who I am- if you want to know me, you need to know the metaphors I am made of. I am currently working on publishing my first poetry book.


Though, I am a student of Offshore Engineering and I work in a marine industry- my heart and soul revolves around this artistic expression that gives life itself a new perspective.

More of my humble works can be found on-

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