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By: Apala Chaturvedi



What I first saw at King's Cross was the stranger who lifted my bags

The lady with block heels and stick legs,

What I last saw was the man to whom I said "I love you" when he was leaving for Brussels and the last sound was silence.


Here is the call for lessons I'm always learning-

Holding lizards to overcome fears

Crossing continents to chase dreams that are never fulfilled

I'm remembering things like skins glistening in the afternoon sun

How bright. How warm.

Or how the taste of Starbucks in Kuala Lumpur isn't the same as the taste of Starbucks in Pune.

I'm remembering how I feel when I wake up in double beds when I'm the only one left sleeping.

The heart never forgets.


There is a world I have yet to visit

A road I shall never take,

There is a blur of lights and oceans outside the windowpane 

I'm so tired of leaving, always leaving.


Apala is a daydreamer, a traveler and a reader - but mostly she's a lost soul who likes stumbling upon happiness while watching sunsets. She's previously published poetry with the British Council and is currently working on a novel of her own. A law student and Young India Fellow, she hails from a small, rustic town in India.

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