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Skeletons in the Closet

By: Macy Sandel

Skeletons in the Closet


There is nothing under my skin

but fragile bones and fleeting dreams –

a sad excuse for a human

I don’t want you to look long enough to see through me

I’m made of mistakes, missed opportunities, and regret

Regret for leaving people to be who I am now

I could hear them saying,

“Was it all worth it?”


I don’t know.


But I’m afraid to wake up in forty years and look in the mirror

only to hate the person living inside this skeleton

The person with ruptured bones and perished dreams –

a sad excuse for a human

I would turn away.

I could not look at myself long enough.

Because I would know

with the emptiness of the four corners I call home,

it wasn’t


Macy Sandel writes as “The Fire Escape” at a blog she just recently put up -


She’s been writing for years, but didn’t warm up to the idea of sharing her works until last year, when she realized that one of the many wonderful outcomes of writing is making a difference. She found magic in causing a stir in people’s hearts, especially in strangers who came across her writings. She’s currently working on a book with her very talented friends, who are doing all the illustrations, in the hopes of getting it published one day. If you want laughs or mind-boggling conversations about theories of the universe, drop her a message at

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