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Wind  &  Piano

By: Ronnie Ng



i'm a wind who counsels,

wandering to every corner of the world,

listening to the raging rants of all continents,

patting the backs of tear-drenched oceans.


i'm a wind who inspires,

wandering through all gardens and deserts,

reciting poetry to falling leaves and petals,

uplifting every grain of sand who feels little.


i'm a wind who senses,

wandering through all days and seasons,

embracing the warmth of the sun in summer,

enduring the freeze of the snow in winter. 


i'm a wind who provokes,

wandering through life's early moments,

sending a breeze of childhood innocence,

causing a hurricane of teenage rebellion.


i'm a wind who mellows,

wandering through life's later moments,

heaving a tired sigh of mid-life resignation,

coughing a helpless air of aged acceptance.


i'm a wind who muses,

wandering through all of my rumination,

exhaling a chilled breath of my loneliness,

going through a restless life without direction. 





i sit alone pounding on the piano keys,

and let them echo down this hall of grief.

from strings that resonate with our hearts,

to broken chords that tear my soul apart.


your hands used to wrap both my wrists,

between the notes you planted me a kiss.

your arms used to curl around my waist,

while i was playing arpeggios and scales.


our youth was played in black and white,

but we grew apart in bitterness and lies.

we used to play this song in loving duet,

but you've left behind a melody of regret.


i stare blankly at an unfilled score sheet,

and play a wrenching tune without beats.

i close my eyes and put my head down,

while my heart is crying without a sound.


i play on until the notes have fallen flat

to bury memories that are hard to forget.

my tears trickle while the keys descend,

each key as though my heart has sank.


i finally collapse to lay under the piano,

and curl my back into my own sorrows.

my love for you is like a beautiful tune

frozen into cold winds across the dune.BW



I'm the Communications Manager of a five star hotel in Singapore. Apart from managerial duties and assisting with the planning of events, my work includes copywriting, crafting of letters, as well as responding to online reviews.


My greatest enjoyment from reading and writing is the discovery of creative metaphors and similes, which allow me to see the world through fresh lenses. "Piano" involves the use of metaphors, which is a way of telling the reader that no one else in the world has exactly the same feelings as mine. Similarly, "Wind" is an example of personification. I believe that by writing through the persona of nature and objects, I can bring about a clearer understanding of my thoughts, my emotions, and my behavior. 

More of my humble works can be found on my Facebook page, "Insomniac Mosquito's Poetry":

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