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The Cynic


The best way

To measure love

Is not through the eyes of

The one in love

The one in denial

The one pining for another

The one who is waiting

The one who is hopeful

The one who is dreaming

The one who is content

The one who is heartbroken

The one who’s love is a secret

The one who’s love can never be




It is through the eyes

And only through the yes

Of the cynic

That one can measure love

For when the cynic falls in love

It does not hit them all of a sudden

It creeps into their very heart and soul

-which they’ve guarded ever so deeply-


And soon

The day arrives

When they start to believe

When they can finally


And feel

And smell

And taste

And devour

The beauty

That love brings with it

For beauty is indeed

In the eye of the beholder

And so

When the cynic falls in love

The very phrase

The world has turned upside down

Comes into being

For believing in love

Is truly

The greatest gift of all



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Myra Mitha’s heart and soul belongs to her home country of Pakistan, where she was born and bred, , yet she has settled down and come to love the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she and her family have been residing over the past few years.


Currently, Myra is pursuing a degree in International Communication Studies with English Language and Literature at the University of Nottingham, Malaysia. She has high hopes for her future in the business of print journalism, and looks forward to the day when she may hold the status of a published author. In the meantime, she continues to pursue writing short pieces of work- poems and articles, pushing herself to become the best she can. 

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