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On That Day

By: Ting Ooi

On That Day


On that day I became shy

I became quiet

I became so solemn

I almost became a crying child

I was isolated, I felt dull and sad

I wanted to be me

But in secret this made me...quite mad


People didn't like this 'attitude' of mine

Even my friends didn't - but not all the time


I tried to put all of my worries right

I realised this attempt

Which gave me such a fright


If I needed help, I would definitely cry

When I was worried, I would definitely sigh


I tried to tell someone this problem of mine

But nobody understood what I had told them

They only said to me, "You will be fine."BW

Trying to work out who I am, why I exist and balancing what 'culture' I have to keep with the times.  Attempting to revisit original writing as I continuously dabble with blogging about personal interests. You can find my ongoing works at my writing blog - and reviews on the likes of Korean or Chinese media at 

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