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For Daisy...

5000 Miles


5000 miles is something


Two separate worlds


Of friends and foes


Of happiness and woes 


8000 kilometres


Of mountains and oceans


Of deserts and cities


An epic trek


Across the globe


Across a gulf of cultures


There may be ways


To read and write


To speak and listen


But take note


He sleeps before she wakes


She’s busy when he tells


And who can forget


The soft smooth skin


The gentle kisses


No call compensates


For his warmth


For her ecstasy


Oh don’t despair


The time will come


The wait will end


Know that every day


He thinks of her


She thinks of him


Beautiful memories


Of holding hands


Of entangled legs


They are apart


But together


Connected and sharing


All joys and sorrows


Her world is his


His world is hers


For months on end


He’ll be working to see her


She’ll be saving to hold him


600 pounds for 12 hour flights?


A hefty sum


A small price to pay


To see one’s lover


A bottom of the abyss


A realisation of pure bliss


For two hopeful hearts


Resolute in love       


5000 miles is nothing     

Holding Hands

Walking beside you

The bag is passed to his brother

Now free, he shuffles over

You leave him there to linger


Impatiently he prods you

A cheeky brush on the rear

It doesn’t go unnoticed

A goddess comes to greet


He gets to feel all over

So soft, so smooth

She rubs up and down

So silky, so sexy


A gentle grip

She feels so safe

He’s overjoyed

It’s love at first touch


Now interlocking fingers

I forget where I am going

The only thing that matters

Is I’m holding your hand


A British Born Chinese, Yang-Fan Zhou is a first year Chemical Engineering student at Cambridge University.


As the British Under 21 Chess Champion (and formerly 6th in the World Under 18 Chess Championships) he is well known for his logical mind, and problem solving abilities. However, Yang-Fan also has a flair for writing to record his memorable experiences. 


He is also a romantic poet at heart...

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